The Tennis Plus Academy Coaching System

Coaching System & Choosing a Class

The Tennis Plus Modern Tennis Academy adopt the Modern Tennis International (MTI) method of coaching, a successful and easy way to learn tennis. Our coaching team are all LTA (Lawn Tennis Association, National Governing Body) and MTI qualified  and accredited in addition to having adequate public liability insurance and up to date DBS checks, so you can be assured your children are in safe hands.

Junior Squad Structure- Tennis Plus Squads & MTI Grading System

Tots Tennis (2yrs-4.5yrs parent and child class) 

Mini Red Squad (typically those in school years ' Reception - Year 4) 

Bronze Squad (typically those in school years 'Year 4 - Years 6') 

Silver Squad ( typically those in school years 'Year 6 & 7)

Gold Squad (typically advanced players in 'Years 8+) 

-Age guide above is used as a rough guide, children move between classes as and when they are ready to progress.

How to speed up the learning process:

-One way is to book 1:1 lessons with one of the coaches (or split the cost with 2 or more players in an academy lesson). Speak to the relevant coach directly to organise this.

-Another way is for a parent/carer to work with the child on the skills – we would be very happy to supply the teaching materials (book/DVD series can be purchased directly from the coaching team) in order to support you. Please see the shop section of this website for the 'Modern Tennis' DVDs.

-We encourage you to try and arrange a practice/hitting session between lessons, also competition and tournaments to gain match experience. See our academy internal 'Aces' events suitable for all squad players: Click Here For Aces Series

During lessons equipment appropriate to the player’s age, size and strength are used. The ball specifications are determined by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). The types we use are Red, Orange, Green and Yellow. The Red balls are the slowest in the air and have a low bounce suitable for very young children to learn the game. The Orange, Green and Yellow balls are progressively faster and harder, therefore tending to bounce higher as well. When using Red or Orange ball, the playing space is smaller than that for a normal tennis court. In all LTA competitions, different ball types are used for the following age groups: Red (ages 9yrs and under), Orange (ages 9yrs and under), Green (10yrs and under), Yellow 11yrs+. However, children of similar ages do vary and in some cases we recommend a player trains in a class using a different ball to the one suggested by the LTA age groups. 

There are numbers LTA event run in the county see -  

Wet Weather Policy - During times of inclement weather sometimes a session will have to be cancelled for safety reasons. The coach will make a decision in the best interest for both players and parents. If you have any doubt if a session is going to run please call 07870620488. If a session is cancelled a message will be left on the voicemail. Courses will be run over a given number of weeks if a full course cannot be completed a credit refund will be issued when re-booking.

Health & Safety                                                                                                      
Please inform the coach of any relevant injury, illness, allergy or other medical condition affecting a child before starting the lesson. Playing with a sniffle is OK, but it is not a good idea to play tennis with a heavy cold and never right to play with a fever. Please wear appropriate sports clothing. It’s not necessary to turn up in tennis whites, but please remember that coming to a tennis lesson or match wearing jeans or normal street clothing shows a lack of respect for the coach or the opponent. It is also makes moving properly at best difficult and at worst dangerous. In hot weather, please remember hats and sunscreen. In cold weather, multiple thin layers are best which can be removed one layer at a time as needed: hats and gloves are also needed. Proper sports shoes should be worn, with non-marking soles – not street shoes. Running shoes are not appropriate for tennis because they are not designed for sideways movement – a player wearing running shoes on a tennis court runs the risk of serious ankle injury. There is absolutely no chewing gum allowed when on court. The standards of behaviour at the academy are very high and we do not normally experience problems. With younger children, we may give a warning to a child about behaviour which can be followed by a timeout for as long as the coach thinks necessary. If there is any serious problem, we would discuss the issue with a parent / carer after the lesson. The coach may require a responsible adult to remain court-side during subsequent lessons until such time as behaviour improves. If there are persistent problems, we may need to suspend lessons for a period or altogether, at our discretion.

A common sense approach is needed to leaving children with us for lessons. In general, for children aged 8 and under, we prefer a parent/carer to remain on site in case a child becomes distressed for whatever reason. A child that is unable to find his/her own way to the toilet and come back to the lesson unaided is too young to be left. If you do leave your child with us, please ensure that we have the best possible contact number for you in case of emergency. Please also remember that in your absence, you consent to first aid being applied by the coach.  The golden rule when leaving a child with us is that you must be on time to pick him/her up.